5th International Conference on Global Technology Initiatives on 29th and 30th March 2016

Welcome to ICGTI 2016

Rizvi College of Engineering, Mumbai, India Organizes the Fifth International Conference on “Global Technology Initiatives” on 29th & 30th March 2016. The core purpose of the conference is to promote technological innovation and excellence and to focus on trendsetting initiatives in the field of technology. Engineering is about solving problems of the society for the benefit of the society. Beyond catalyzing changes in what we do, technology affects how we think. The conference intends to focus on the technological innovations that promote inclusive growth.

We invite the researchers, educators, managers and students to attend this conference to network with peer groups to exchange views on research activities, case studies, shedding light on the theory or practice of engineering, technology, or innovation under the overall conference theme, “Global Technology Initiatives”.

Theme :- Smart Technology : The unstoppable revolution.

“The genie in the form of Smart Technology is out of the bottle and there’s no going back as it develops into an unstoppable revolution without an end…”

This conference intends to explore the evolution of smart technology in transforming the way we live and the homes we live in as smart gadgets, the rise of the smart cars in which from head-up displays to connected apps, a new drive in smart technology is gathering speed to alter irrevocably the way we interact with our cars, smart world where the smartest things are not humans, but the artificial brains of an emerging robot, The latest in how smart technology is revolutionizing the health, home entertainment and enery sectors and many more…