The President

Dr. A. H. Rizvi, a leading educationist of India,holds education above narrow sectional interests. He is associated with various social, cultural and educational organizations at the national level. A versatile personality, Dr. A. H. Rizvi also holds prestigious positions in the arena of politics, infrastructure and economics.

President’s Message

Today’s world is on a fast track. In a world where time & space are compressed, there is a great challenge for success. This requires Knowledge, which is current, relevant & based on actual experience. For this education plays a paramount role in moulding, shaping & preparing youngsters to face the challenges of the future world. A world that is exploding with opportunities for success.

We at RCOE, endeavor to inspire and empower our students to be life long learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever-changing global society. Students are encouraged to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence in a holistic, student- centered environment. RCOE strives to sensitize its students to the needs of the community and inculcate values like integrity, fortitude and acceptance of individual differences.

I am confident that RCOE, will always be a beacon of light guiding the destiny of its students, while radiating kindness and compassion as it soars high in its pursuit of academic excellence and fulfillment of our motto “Humanize, Equalize, Spiritualize”.

We have an excellent combination of industry professionals and academicians on our faculty, who provide a holistic view of the nuances of engineering operations to our students. The students are prepared for their careers, by equipping them with the necessary skills and critical thinking to be self-directed learners and productive citizens contributing positively to the society.

It has been said that while scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that has never been. Engineering is the key driver of human development.

I beckon all current and prospective students to become responsible engineers and make their parents, institute and the nation proud.

Dr. A. H. Rizvi – President
Rizvi Education Society