List of All the Student Activities

Sr. No.
Date of Event
Name of Activity
Speaker / Organizer
Report Link
120146-11 JanuaryRAYS Sports 2014RCOE
2201429-30 JanurayBook FestivalLibrary
3201429-30 March3rd ICGTIRCOE
4201428 march -31 marchFraud detection and Prevention with AnalyticsMr. Sandeep Raut
5201428 march -31 marchThe Use of Recycled Carbon Fibre from the Aerospace industry in Heating and Cooling ApplicationsDr. Andrew C.
6201428 march -31 marchElliptic Curve CryptographyDr B. K. Lande
7201428 march -31 marchSpecial ConcretesDr. Ananth Ramaswamy
8201428 march -31 marchExergo-economic analysis and optimization of thermal systemsDr. Pradeep Sahoo
9201428 march -31 marchIntroduction to MicromanufacturingDr. Anupam Agarwal
10201428 march -31 marchEnvironmental Audit and Impact Assessment.Dr. Andrew C.
11201428 march -31 marchDemystifying Big Data - What does it mean for the Future for ITMr. Subodh Gajare
12201428 march -31 marchIssues related to Mixed Signal VLSI DesignDr. Shruti Oza
13201428 march -31 marchNew Materials in Structural Concrete RepairsDr. Ananth Ramaswamy
14201428 march -31 marchSmart Grid: Issues in Cyber SecurityDr. Faruk Kazi
15201428 march -31 marchExtrusion for producing Expanded SnacksMr. Rajkumar Malik
1620141-4 AprilRAYS Technical and Cultural fest 2014RCOE
17201405-JunWorld Environment dayRCOE
18201424-JunFarewell PartyRCOE
1920142-3 JulyWorkshop on “Nano technology” a small wonderDepartment of Electronics
20201410-11 JulyWorkshop on “significance of quality manufacturing” megnospectrumDepartment of mechanical engineering
21201417-18 JulyWorkshop on game developmentDepartment of computer engineering in collaboration with Skyfi labs and code instruct
22201404-AugFirst year orientation programFirst Year
23201418th SeptemberSeminar on options in higher education in overseas countriesACE
24201422-SepStudent Council ElectionsRCOE
252014SeptemberSeminar on self awareness “Be Yourself”Prof Dash from Iskon
26201519-24 JanuaryRAYS Sports 2015RCOE
27201527-28 JanuaryRAYS Technical fest 2015RCOE
28201529-30 JanuaryRAYS Cultural Fest 2015RCOE
292015Feb-18Covocation CeremonyRCOE
30201529-30 March4th ICGTIRCOE
312015Throughout the yearAptitude TrainingRCOE
32201506-MarReflection Tools: Basic Etiquettes in personal and Professional LifeProf Aarefa
33201528-31 MarchReal-Time Reservoir Inflow Prediction Using Artificial Neural NetworksDr. V. Jothiprakash
34201528-31 MarchVirtualizing food: Tasting Virtual Food and SpicesDr. Nimesha Ranasinghe
35201528-31 MarchHow To Find Molecular Pathways Affecting Genotype-Phenotype RelationshipsDr. Himanshu Sinha
36201528-31 MarchHypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle DevelopmentDr. Babu Viswanath
37201528-31 MarchExplorations of Green Construction SystemsDr. Edgar P. Small
38201528-31 MarchBearing Design.Dr. Vikas M. Phalle
39201528-31 MarchPreservation Models for Bridge and Pavement Management SystemsDr. Edgar P. Small
40201528-31 MarchDelivering virtual experiences through cross-sensory InteractionsDr. Nimesha Ranasinghe
41201528-31 MarchRobotics – Issues & ChallengesDr. Faruk A. S. Kazi
42201528-31 MarchAudio watermarking Methodologies and recent advancesDr. Meenakshi Patil
43201528-31 MarchRenewable EnergyDr. Vivek Agarwal
44201528-31 MarchDevelopment in Mechanics of Polymer Composites in the Last Five DecadesDr. Tarun Kant
45201531st JulyFirst year orientation programRCOE
46201528-SepStudent Council electionsRCOE
47201512-13 OctTraditional Day And color DayRCOE
482016Aptitude Training
49201618-22 JanuaryRAYS Sports 2016RCOE
50201625-30 JanuaryRAYS Cultural and Technical Fest 2016RCOE
51201605-FebAnnual Prize Distribution CeremonyRCOE
52201628-31MarchNuclear ReactorsDr. Jacob Philips
53201628-31March1893 Civil CodeDr. Maniyar Manmohan
54201628-31MarchOpportunities for Young EngineersMr. C.M. Dordi
55201628-31MarchTall Buildings : Scenario in the worldMr. Ashok Chande
56201628-31MarchIoT : Internet of Things: An unstoppable force for the new ageMr. Subodh Gajre
57201628-31MarchHydrogen : Fuel of the FutureDr. V. N. Singh
58201628-31MarchWhat Digital Means !Dr. Debi Prassad
59201628-31MarchSmart PolymersDr. Sharad Sontake
60201628-31MarchSolar Energy InitiativesDr. Gulhane
61201618th-21st JulyTIME training program for placementTIME
6220168-11 AugustFour days introductory program for first yearRCOE
63201612-AugFirst year orientation programRCOE
64201601-SepGlobal education fairRCOE
65201619-SepStudent Council ElectionsRCOE
6620166-9 OctWorkshop on certification course on HackingComputer department in association with Microsoft
67201612-OctCommon barriers in communication and how to overcome them for professional successProf Aarefa
682017Throughout the yearAptitude TrainingRCOE
6920171st FebruarySeminar on “journey through concrete jungle”Mr. Cyrus dordi
70201717-FebCovocation CeremonyRCOE
7120172nd MarchSeminar on “career opportunities in Public services”Pranav Nerulkar
72201707-MarSeminar on Project management and supply chain issuesMr. Makarand Inamdar
73201717th JulySeminar on Introduction to IOTComputer Department
74201728-Jul-17MSI Campus MeetNVIDIA , MSI and Intel
75201703-Aug-17First year orientation programFirst Year
762017Guest lecture on real estate developmentMr. Amol Shimpi
77201711-AugGroup Discussion: An essential way to SuccessProf Aarefa and Prof Sharad
78201703-Oct-17Intra-Techincal DayRCOE
79201704-Oct-17Seminar on " The Role of CAD/CAE/FEM in modern day engineeringMr. Sagar Patel, ERFLOG engineeirng services
80201704-Oct-17Renewable Power technologies: Extraction of optimal powerVivek Agarwal, IIT Mumbai
81201709-OctOne day Workshop on R tool ProgrammingProf Hari Chavan from Father agnel vashi and Prof Sonalii
82201711-Oct-17Book ExhibitionRCOE
83201712-13 OctRAYS Indoor SportsRCOE
84201722-Nov-17Student Council electionRCOE
85201701-Dec-17Preparing for future digital economySubodh Gajare
862018Throughout the yearAptitude TrainingRCOE
8720188th -12th januaryOne week certification course on “ Scientia: unleash the power of engineers “ for final yearDepartment of Computer, ETRX, and EXTC, Mr. Ganesh Kohli,Mr. Jatin Panchal,Dr. Y .S Rao,Dr. Nandita Roy,Colonel Kamat,Mr. Arafat Ansari
8820188th -12th januaryPCB design and basic electrical wiring and protection for Second yearDepartment of Computer, ETRX, and EXTC
8920188th -12th januaryCampus recruitment training Program for third yearDepartment of Computer, ETRX, and EXTC
9020188th -12th januaryOne week course on Emerging trends in Civil EngineeringMr. Cyrus dordi, Mr. Mahesh Tendulkar, Mr. Kshemendra nath, Dr. T. N. Singh, Mr. Ashish Vishwakarma, Dr. Basu
9120188th -12th januaryOne Week course on "Using manufacturing techniques using Lathe machine"Department of Mechanical Engineering
9220188th -12th januaryOne Week Course on CAE using ANSYS17Department of Mechanical Engineering
93201810th and 16th FebruaryWeb designing using BootstrapProf Parinaz
94201818-21 FebruaryRAYS Outdoor sports 2018RCOE
9520186-7 March RAYS Cultural Fest 2018RCOE
96201817th and 23rd March2 days workshop on Introduction to PHP and MySQLProf Shiburaj
97201810-11 April Inter-college Techincal Fest PRAVAH 2018RCOE
98201829-AprFuture Challenges for Young EngineersMr. C .M Dordi
99201829-AprChallenges at Mumbai Airport to give efficient and safe servicesMr. Subrmaniyan Sekar
100201829-AprTrends in Optical Fiber CommunicationMr. Vishwanathan Mahadevan
101201823-July-2018Seminar on Cross platform app Development ATS Learning solutions
102201823-July-2018Seminar on IOTATS Learning solutions
103201823-July-2018Seminar on ROBOTICSATS Learning solutions
104201801-08-2018Student Council ElectionRCOE
105201801-08-2018First year orientation programFirst Year, RCOE
106201802-08-2018Skill development Two Day Workshop on "Prospects of Engineering in Power Sector and Readiness"Mechanical Department RCOE in association with TPSDI Tata Power
107201807/08/2018Two Days Seminar on Future scope for Civil engineering Department of Civil Engineering
108201824/08/2018Two Day Workshop on "Data Science Using Python"Prof Mukesh Yadav - VES college, Prof Sonalii S.(Computer Dept RCOE), Prof Ashfaque(Computer Dept. RCOE)
109201827/08/2018Training and hands-on Workshop on Amazon Web Services campus to industry Department of Electronics, Computer and EXTC in association with Brainfloss Education pvt ltd,
110201808/09/2018Techfest TechnoRion Zonal Workshop on RoboticsIIT Bombay
11120181st Oct-2nd Oct 2018Indoor Sports RCOERCOE
112201808/10/18Industry visit to Tata Power Plant, Trombay for TE Mech Tata Power in association with RCOE
113201809/10/18Annnual coding competition Virtual Campus League-18 Techgig, The Times Group in association with placement Cell RCOE
11420183rd Oct-11th Oct 2018Workshop on 'ANSYS Workbench'Mechanical Department in association with CADD Centre
11520188 Oct-13 OctSix days training program at Reliable Analytical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. for S.E, T.E, B.E Biotechnology Department in association with Reliable Analytical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
116201822-Oct-2018Workshop on Digital Shakti
Cyber Peace foundation partnered with national commission for woman and facebook
117201817 Dec 2018A Seminar on "A Journey of Cloud Computing/AWS and the importanace of AWS Certification"Mr. Vishram Thatte, Senior Cloud engineer Amazon Web Services
11820193 January 2019Diamond card distributuion to girl students under Savitribai Phule scheme IQAC cell, RCOE
11920197 January 2019Participative Learning Day Curriculum enrichment cell, RCOE
120201919 January 2019Seminar on Ill-Effects of Junk foodChef Vidyadhar & RCOE in association with Red Cross
121201911 January 2019National Youth Day Celebration To mark The birth Anniversary of Swamy Vivekanand "Elocution Competition on Vivekanandas's Philosophy: An inspiration for youth of all times"RCOE in assocoation with Red cross
122201922 JanuaryJourney of UG and it's impact on PGSyed Mohd. Aiman(Alumnus) pursuing Masters in mechanical engg with business from UCD,Ireland
123201924 JanuaryCleanliness DriveRCOE in assocoation with NSS unit of RCOE and BMC
124201930 JanuarySeminar on Scope of Mechanical Engineers in Power Sector and Certification Distribution of Industry Visit Dr.Balaraj Bhat head of Tata Power Skill Development Institute (TPSDI), Trombay, Mumbai.
125201930 January-31 January 2019Book ExhibitionRCOE
12620197 February 2019Saree and Blazer DayRCOE
12720196 February 2019CiviQ Competition AAKAAR 2019 AAKAAR IITB in collaboration with Civil Dept RCOE
128201928 January- 3 February 2019NSS UNIT 1 Seven days camp at Navgaon, RaigadRCOE in association with NSS Unit 1
129201913 February 2019Celebration of Birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu: Sarojini Naidu Scholarship for girl topper of each branch for each yearRCOE