List of All the Student Activities

Sr. No.
Date of Event
Name of Activity
Speaker / Organizer
Report Link
220146-11 JanuaryRAYS Sports 2014RCOE
3201429-30 JanurayBook FestivalLibrary
4201429-30 March3rd ICGTIRCOE
5201428 march -31 marchFraud detection and Prevention with AnalyticsMr. Sandeep Raut
6201428 march -31 marchThe Use of Recycled Carbon Fibre from the Aerospace industry in Heating and Cooling ApplicationsDr. Andrew C.
7201428 march -31 marchElliptic Curve CryptographyDr B. K. Lande
8201428 march -31 marchSpecial ConcretesDr. Ananth Ramaswamy
9201428 march -31 marchExergo-economic analysis and optimization of thermal systemsDr. Pradeep Sahoo
10201428 march -31 marchIntroduction to MicromanufacturingDr. Anupam Agarwal
11201428 march -31 marchEnvironmental Audit and Impact Assessment.Dr. Andrew C.
12201428 march -31 marchDemystifying Big Data - What does it mean for the Future for ITMr. Subodh Gajare
13201428 march -31 marchIssues related to Mixed Signal VLSI DesignDr. Shruti Oza
14201428 march -31 marchNew Materials in Structural Concrete RepairsDr. Ananth Ramaswamy
15201428 march -31 marchSmart Grid: Issues in Cyber SecurityDr. Faruk Kazi
16201428 march -31 marchExtrusion for producing Expanded SnacksMr. Rajkumar Malik
1720141-4 AprilRAYS Technical and Cultural fest 2014RCOE
18201405-JunWorld Environment dayRCOE
19201424-JunFarewell PartyRCOE
2020142-3 JulyWorkshop on “Nano technology” a small wonderDepartment of Electronics
21201410-11 JulyWorkshop on “significance of quality manufacturing” megnospectrumDepartment of mechanical engineering
22201417-18 JulyWorkshop on game developmentDepartment of computer engineering in collaboration with Skyfi labs and code instruct
23201404-AugFirst year orientation programFirst Year
24201418th SeptemberSeminar on options in higher education in overseas countriesACE
25201422-SepStudent Council ElectionsRCOE
262014SeptemberSeminar on self awareness “Be Yourself”Prof Dash from Iskon
27201519-24 JanuaryRAYS Sports 2015RCOE
28201527-28 JanuaryRAYS Technical fest 2015RCOE
29201529-30 JanuaryRAYS Cultural Fest 2015RCOE
302015Feb-18Covocation CeremonyRCOE
31201529-30 March4th ICGTIRCOE
322015Throughout the yearAptitude TrainingRCOE
33201506-MarReflection Tools: Basic Etiquettes in personal and Professional LifeProf Aarefa
34201528-31 MarchReal-Time Reservoir Inflow Prediction Using Artificial Neural NetworksDr. V. Jothiprakash
35201528-31 MarchVirtualizing food: Tasting Virtual Food and SpicesDr. Nimesha Ranasinghe
36201528-31 MarchHow To Find Molecular Pathways Affecting Genotype-Phenotype RelationshipsDr. Himanshu Sinha
37201528-31 MarchHypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle DevelopmentDr. Babu Viswanath
38201528-31 MarchExplorations of Green Construction SystemsDr. Edgar P. Small
39201528-31 MarchBearing Design.Dr. Vikas M. Phalle
40201528-31 MarchPreservation Models for Bridge and Pavement Management SystemsDr. Edgar P. Small
41201528-31 MarchDelivering virtual experiences through cross-sensory InteractionsDr. Nimesha Ranasinghe
42201528-31 MarchRobotics – Issues & ChallengesDr. Faruk A. S. Kazi
43201528-31 MarchAudio watermarking Methodologies and recent advancesDr. Meenakshi Patil
44201528-31 MarchRenewable EnergyDr. Vivek Agarwal
45201528-31 MarchDevelopment in Mechanics of Polymer Composites in the Last Five DecadesDr. Tarun Kant
46201531st JulyFirst year orientation programRCOE
47201528-SepStudent Council electionsRCOE
48201512-13 OctTraditional Day And color DayRCOE
492016Aptitude Training
50201618-22 JanuaryRAYS Sports 2016RCOE
51201625-30 JanuaryRAYS Cultural and Technical Fest 2016RCOE
52201605-FebAnnual Prize Distribution CeremonyRCOE
53201628-31MarchNuclear ReactorsDr. Jacob Philips
54201628-31March1893 Civil CodeDr. Maniyar Manmohan
55201628-31MarchOpportunities for Young EngineersMr. C.M. Dordi
56201628-31MarchTall Buildings : Scenario in the worldMr. Ashok Chande
57201628-31MarchIoT : Internet of Things: An unstoppable force for the new ageMr. Subodh Gajre
58201628-31MarchHydrogen : Fuel of the FutureDr. V. N. Singh
59201628-31MarchWhat Digital Means !Dr. Debi Prassad
60201628-31MarchSmart PolymersDr. Sharad Sontake
61201628-31MarchSolar Energy InitiativesDr. Gulhane
62201618th-21st JulyTIME training program for placementTIME
6320168-11 AugustFour days introductory program for first yearRCOE
64201612-AugFirst year orientation programRCOE
65201601-SepGlobal education fairRCOE
66201619-SepStudent Council ElectionsRCOE
6720166-9 OctWorkshop on certification course on HackingComputer department in association with Microsoft
68201612-OctCommon barriers in communication and how to overcome them for professional successProf Aarefa
692017Throughout the yearAptitude TrainingRCOE
7020171st FebruarySeminar on “journey through concrete jungle”Mr. Cyrus dordi
71201717-FebCovocation CeremonyRCOE
7220172nd MarchSeminar on “career opportunities in Public services”Pranav Nerulkar
73201707-MarSeminar on Project management and supply chain issuesMr. Makarand Inamdar
75201717th JulySeminar on Introduction to IOTComputer Department
76201728-Jul-17MSI Campus MeetNVIDIA , MSI and Intel
77201703-Aug-17First year orientation programFirst Year
782017Guest lecture on real estate developmentMr. Amol Shimpi
79201711-AugGroup Discussion: An essential way to SuccessProf Aarefa and Prof Sharad
80201703-Oct-17Intra-Techincal DayRCOE
81201704-Oct-17Seminar on " The Role of CAD/CAE/FEM in modern day engineeringMr. Sagar Patel, ERFLOG engineeirng services
82201704-Oct-17Renewable Power technologies: Extraction of optimal powerVivek Agarwal, IIT Mumbai
83201709-OctOne day Workshop on R tool ProgrammingProf Hari Chavan from Father agnel vashi and Prof Sonalii
84201711-Oct-17Book ExhibitionRCOE
85201712-13 OctRAYS Indoor SportsRCOE
86201722-Nov-17Student Council electionRCOE
87201701-Dec-17Preparing for future digital economySubodh Gajare
882018Throughout the yearAptitude TrainingRCOE
8920188th -12th januaryOne week certification course on “ Scientia: unleash the power of engineers “ for final yearDepartment of Computer, ETRX, and EXTC, Mr. Ganesh Kohli,Mr. Jatin Panchal,Dr. Y .S Rao,Dr. Nandita Roy,Colonel Kamat,Mr. Arafat Ansari
9020188th -12th januaryPCB design and basic electrical wiring and protection for Second yearDepartment of Computer, ETRX, and EXTC
9120188th -12th januaryCampus recruitment training Program for third yearDepartment of Computer, ETRX, and EXTC
9220188th -12th januaryOne week course on Emerging trends in Civil EngineeringMr. Cyrus dordi, Mr. Mahesh Tendulkar, Mr. Kshemendra nath, Dr. T. N. Singh, Mr. Ashish Vishwakarma, Dr. Basu
9320188th -12th januaryOne Week course on "Using manufacturing techniques using Lathe machine"Department of Mechanical Engineering
9420188th -12th januaryOne Week Course on CAE using ANSYS17Department of Mechanical Engineering
95201810th and 16th FebruaryWeb designing using BootstrapProf Parinaz
96201818-21 FebruaryRAYS Outdoor sports 2018RCOE
9720186-7 March RAYS Cultural Fest 2018RCOE
98201817th and 23rd March2 days workshop on Introduction to PHP and MySQLProf Shiburaj
99201810-11 April Inter-college Techincal Fest PRAVAH 2018RCOE
100201829-AprFuture Challenges for Young EngineersMr. C .M Dordi
101201829-AprChallenges at Mumbai Airport to give efficient and safe servicesMr. Subrmaniyan Sekar
102201829-AprTrends in Optical Fiber CommunicationMr. Vishwanathan Mahadevan
103201823-July-2018Seminar on Cross platform app Development ATS Learning solutions
104201823-July-2018Seminar on IOTATS Learning solutions
105201823-July-2018Seminar on ROBOTICSATS Learning solutions
106201801-08-2018Student Council ElectionRCOE
107201801-08-2018First year orientation programFirst Year, RCOE
108201802-08-2018Skill development Two Day Workshop on "Prospects of Engineering in Power Sector and Readiness"Mechanical Department RCOE in association with TPSDI Tata Power
109201807/08/2018Two Days Seminar on Future scope for Civil engineering Department of Civil Engineering
110201824/08/2018Two Day Workshop on "Data Science Using Python"Prof Mukesh Yadav - VES college, Prof Sonalii S.(Computer Dept RCOE), Prof Ashfaque(Computer Dept. RCOE)
111201827/08/2018Training and hands-on Workshop on Amazon Web Services campus to industry Department of Electronics, Computer and EXTC in association with Brainfloss Education pvt ltd,
112201808/09/2018Techfest TechnoRion Zonal Workshop on RoboticsIIT Bombay
11320181st Oct-2nd Oct 2018Indoor Sports RCOERCOE
114201808/10/18Industry visit to Tata Power Plant, Trombay for TE Mech Tata Power in association with RCOE
115201809/10/18Annnual coding competition Virtual Campus League-18 Techgig, The Times Group in association with placement Cell RCOE
11620183rd Oct-11th Oct 2018Workshop on 'ANSYS Workbench'Mechanical Department in association with CADD Centre
11720188 Oct-13 OctSix days training program at Reliable Analytical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. for S.E, T.E, B.E Biotechnology Department in association with Reliable Analytical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
118201822-Oct-2018Workshop on Digital Shakti
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