1. Designing of the college Web site
  2. Development of Online attendance record portal
  3. ICGTI Conference website creation
  4. ICGTI Journal Website development
  5. Creation of College SMS Portal
  6. Seminars conducted focusing on various fields
  7. Training and guiding students for placements
  8. Counseling students for higher education


Seminars conducted by the department on
  1. Android application
  2. Ethical Hacking
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Virtualization
  5. Robosapiens


Prof. Dinesh Deore

  1. Convener of ICGTI
  2. Training and Placement officer
  3. Guiding students for final semester projects.
  4. Attendee at national and international conference
  5. Senior Supervisor for university exams
  6. University Question Paper Setting
  7. Session chair for ICGTI


Prof.  Shiburaj Pappu

  1. Best Teacher Award in Computer Engineering Department of the year 2013.
  2. Publication Chair of International Conference on Global Technology Initiatives (ICGTI) 2013
  3. Web Chair for International Conference on Global Technology Initiatives (ICGTI) 2014
  4. Executive Editor of International Journal of Global Technology Initiatives.
  5. Published & Presented paper on IEEE Indicon 2013 at IIT Bombay.
  6. Conducted a workshop on “Introduction to PHP & MySQL Scripting”
  7. Coordinator of  “3rd Eye” one week STTP on emerging trends on research ideas.
  8. Papers Published:-
    1. Modified enhanced steady state genetic algorithm for Scheduling & Optimization problems,” India Conference (INDICON), 2013 Annual IEEE , vol., no., pp.1,5, 13-15 Dec. 2013
    2. Parallel Enhanced Steady State Genetic Algorithm for Exam Timetabling Problem” International Conference on Global Technology Initiatives 2012.
    3. Satellite Image Compression using Compressive Sensing” International Conference on Global Technology Initiatives 2012.
    4. Image Compression using Compressive Sensing” International Conference & Workshop On Emerging Trends In Technology 2012
    5. Application of Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Exam Timetabling Problem” International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 3, Issue 9, September-2012.


Prof. C. M. Velu

  1. Papers Published in International Conferences
  2. Project coordinator for B.E. Student
  3. Session chair for conference proceedings
  4. Delivered five guest lecture  in various college
  5. Resource person for FDP


Prof. Sampath A. K.

  1. Best faculty award in 2011, 2012
  2. Participated in Workshops and seminars
  3. Published papers in national conferences
  4. Technical paper Reviewer in ICGTI 2014
  5. Coordinator for technical symposium
  6. Placement coordinator
  7. Examination controller
  8. NBA and ISO Coordinator
  9. Two International Papers under review


Prof.  Sonali Suryawanshi

  1. Editor for ICGTI
  2. Financial head for RAYS from 2012 to 2014
  3. Award for best innovative teacher in2013.
  4. Hosted Sessions in ICGTI.
  5. Departmental Time-Table Committee
  6. In charge for indoor games.
  7. Seminar organizer for Android application.
  8. Session chair for ICGTI 2014


Prof. Ashafque Shaikh

  1. Conducting departmental Term-Test every semester.
  2. Departmental Time-Table committee member.
  3. In charge of Sports activities for both indoor and outdoor.
  4. Hosted Session in ICGTI.
  5. In charge of technical festival.
  6. Attended workshop on teacher’s quality and Self-development in the college.
  7. Managing of seminar conducted on Ethical Hacking.


Prof. Ketan Kanere        

  1. Coordinator for Blind coding
  2. Attended workshop on Ethical hacking by Ankit Fadia.
  3. Hosted Sessions for ICGTI in the years 2012 to 2014.


Prof.  Amreen Ahmed

  1. Hosted session in ICGTI.
  2. Cultural financial in charge of RAYS-2014.
  3. Project Co-Ordinator for B.E students.
  4. Automation of Gazette and Mark-Sheets.
  5. Organizer for seminar on Android application.


Prof.  Bhavika Gurjar

  1.  Sessions in charge for ICGTI
  2. Coordinator for various events in RAYS 2012-2014


Prof. Arti Ambokar

  1.  updating College Website
  2.  Session in charge for ICGTI 2014


Prof. Sunil Shelke

  1. Award for Excellence from IISc Bangalore
  2. Coordinator for cultural events


Prof. Bhavdeep Mehta

  1. Hosted session for ICGTI  2012
  2. Coordinator of seminar  for Hacking by Ankit Fadia
  3. Organizer for PHP workshop



  1. Mr.Syed Shahul of B.E (Computer), has won Ist  prize for “Good Whacking” in our college competition among the departments.
  2. Participated and presented papers in ICGTI
  3. Mr. Amit Shenoy, Mr. Owais Shaikh of B.E computer Participated and won in Workshop conducted by IIT Delhi on Robotics.
  4. Mr. Taha Chauhan from BE Computers developed a website for students.
  5. Mr. Akshay sanghavi, Mr. Brijesh Vishwakarma And Mr. Ramjanak Singh Partcipated and Won second prize in robotics.