1. Applied Physics

To enlighten students about fundamentals of physics. Experiments are based on crystallography directions,planes and characteristics, few are based on semiconductor physics like Hall Effect and calculation of planck’s constant, laser experiments are also performed in the lab.


2. Applied Chemistry

Basic Concept about analysis of alloys e.g.steels through volumetry,water softening by complexometric titration & DM plant,acid sap. Value of lubricant.


3. BEE (ETRX Department)

Basic Concept DC and AC circuits, Three phase AC circuits, Single phase Transformer, Electronics. Experiments are based on implementation of circuits on bread board for verification of principles and laws. BEE Laboratory is located on 2nd Floor.


4. Engineering Mechanics (Mechanical Department)

Basic Understanding of Force concepts, Performing 4 experiments on Statics & 2 Experiments on Dynamics Domain of the Engg Mechanics Subject. Located on ground floor inside the workshop.


5. Engineering Drawing/AUTOCAD(Computer Department)

Basic Drawings, Tools  and Editing Commands, Orthographic projections& Isometric views, -dimensional views of an object. Located on first floor. Students should be able to visualize the objects and understand the drawing.


6. Structured Programming Approach(Computer Department)

Basic concepts of understanding the logic & implementing basic programs & algorithms. The course would be taught using C programming language. Located on first floor.


7. Language lab

The purpose of a language lab is to involve students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment.

  1. Teacher has a computer with appropriate software for conducting language exercises
  2. Teacher and students wear headsets that block outside sounds and disturbances
  3. Teacher and student positions are connected via LAN (local area network).


8. Basic Workshop Practice I& II

Basic aim is to impart training to help the students develop engineering skill sets. Which inculcating respect for physical work and hard labour in addition to some amount of value addition by getting exposed to interdisciplinary engineering domains. Students perform fitting, sheet metal, Welding, smithy and carpentry. Lab is situated in ground floor .