Lab No. Name of Lab Major Equipments
1 CAD/CAM/FEA Lab 30 Pcs. equipped with Autocad, SolidEdge, ANSYS & Solidworks software
2 HMT Lab Heat & Mass Transfer lab setups, Thermal Conductivity setup, Radiation & Convection setups & Heat Exchangers
3 ICE lab Single Cylinder CI Engine, Multi Cylinder SI Engine, Single Cylinder SI Engine, Steam Turbine Test Rig
4 RAC Lab Air-conditioning Tutor, Mechanical Heat Pump & Evaporator Compressor-Trainer
5 Theory of Machines & Mechanical Vibrations Lab Gear Train, Governor Setup, Gyroscope
Single & Multi-Degree Vibration Setups, Balancing Test Setup
6 Machine Shop & Work Shop Forging Furnace, Bench Vices, Wood Lathe, Milling Machine, Shaping Machine, Arc Welding Machine & 18 Turning Lathes